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Looking for Nokia 6.1 Plus display price? On this page, we are offering Nokia 6.1 Plus Combo which is a perfect replacement for a broken display or touch screen glass. 100% Original and Tested product backed by our Solid 30 days money-back guarantee

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If you want to know about the Nokia 6.1 Plus display price, you are on the right web page. On this page, we offer Nokia 6.1 Plus complete display and touchscreen combo, which you can use to replace a broken display or touch screen glass. In Nokia 6.1 Plus, display and touch screen form a single unit called Combo, and you always need to replace its complete combo altogether. The model number of the Nokia 6.1 Plus is TA-1083, and always be sure to match the model number before you buy it.

Nokia 6.1 Plus display is notch display, as you see in the product photos. So you need to take out the broken Nokia 6.1 Plus display and fix a new combo in place of that. That’s all. It is quite easy to replace the display in combo format and hardly takes 15 minutes. The part you see below is 100% Original, Tested, and comes with a replacement warranty for any defects.

Many people want to go after cheap solutions to fix the display without understanding that it is going to create additional issues. Some people want to replace only glass because they think that is the best solution. However, they are not aware that only glass is going to destroy the overall quality of the phone as that glass is not quality. The changed glass is inferior in quality and breaks again very easily without any efforts. The combo is always the most reliable and durable screen replacement for Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Also, keep in mind that technology has changed a lot in the last few years. Not only Nokia 6.1 Plus display but all other phones also come with combined display and touchscreen panels. So If one part is broken, you need to replace the complete combo altogether. You can repair your phone with cheap solutions but you will face additional hassles in the future. There always a rule when you get your phone repaired, either get the quality in the first attempt or get ready to replace the glass multiple times.

Product Description

100% Original Combo for Nokia 6.1 Plus TA-1083
5.8″ display with 1080 x 2280 pixels resolution with a 19:9 ratio @432 PPI.
100% Original and Tested Display and Touch Screen Combo.
Can Be Used to Replace a Broken / Damaged / Scratched Display or Touch Screen.
100% Original and Tested Part. Free From Any Defects.
Same Brightness and clarity as your genuine display
Tested on an Actual Nokia 6.1 Plus motherboard For 100% Working!
Comes with Full Replacement Warranty For Manufacturing Defects.
100% Hassle Free Returns, Refund, and Replacement.
Ready Stock Available With Fast Shipping.
Cash On Delivery Option Available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much cost to repair the Nokia 6.1 Plus display screen in India?

A: Nokia 6.1 Plus display price depends on what you buy. If you buy a 1st copy display, It costs nearly 1100 rupees. On the other side, If you buy an original Nokia 6.1 plus display, it costs almost 2800-3000 rupees. The Nokia 6.1 Plus display price in the official Nokia service center is Rs 7000 plus, which is very costly for this phone. So It would be a good idea to buy a display replacement from the outside market and then replace it with the help of a local mechanic for a small fee.

You might be wondering why the display is cheaper in the outside market. To answer this question, please always keep in mind that prices are much higher in branded showrooms, as always. If you want to pay a hefty price for the same thing, you can get it replaced by the service center. However, Nokia 6.1 plus display available here is exactly original and offers 100% same colors, quality, brightness. If you want to pay more elsewhere, it is your money and your choice.

Q: Can I replace Nokia 6.1 Plus Screen myself at home? 

A: If you want to do Nokia 6.1 plus screen replacement at home, It might sound like a great idea in theory, but it is not that easy. You will need tools and glue to paste the display at home, and self-repairing can be a risky choice. It is because It is a little tough task to remove Nokia 6.1 Plus back glass, and a small mistake can break the glass completely. The fingerprint scanner flex also sticks with the back glass, so If you remove the back panel hurriedly, fingerprint scanner flex cable will get torn.

For this reason, don’t try to replace Nokia 6.1 plus folder at your home to save some money. Always visit a technician to get the folder replacement done. In case the backside glass is also damaged, you can buy a new Original Back glass here.

Replace Nokia 6.1 Plus Display At Home

Q: Is It possible to claim the screen damage under Warranty? 

A: This is something many customers ask us. They say that they have a year warranty on the phone. Although customers are fully aware that they can’t claim physical damage in warranty, but still they prefer to ask. Therefore, unless you have a damage protection plan bought with the phone or your phone is insured, there is no way to claim a scratched screen under warranty.

Also, even if you have your phone under warranty, there is no reduction in Nokia 6.1 plus display cost. You have to pay the full price of the Nokia 6.1 plus display folder, and only then you can get it repaired. So buying Nokia 6.1 plus display combo from us can save you a lot of money without any compromise with the quality.

Self Repair At Home

Q: How can I know If the new Nokia 6.1 Plus display is working or not?

A: Good question, but the answer is very straight forward. You can quickly test the Nokia 6.1 Plus display before you fix it in your phone. If you are wondering about how to check the screen before fitting, then continue reading.

First of all, there is no need to fix the display on your phone without testing it. You need to open the back panel, and a mechanic can do that easily. After removing the rear panel (Backside glass), you can remove the old display’s connection from the motherboard and connect the new display there. It merely means that just by plugging in the new display’s connection in the motherboard, you can quickly test the screen before fitting it.

Simply after connecting the new display temporarily, turn on the handset, and you can start experimenting with a new display. This way, everything is visible to you before fixing the combo, and If it is not working, you can easily get it replaced with a new one. It is the same process mechanics use to test the display before fitting.

Q: How can I replace the only glass of Nokia 6.1 Plus? 

A:  You are not alone having this question in your mind, but there are tons of customers having the same thought. Customers always want to buy the best phone, which suits their budget, but when it comes to screen issues or a broken screen, customers want to opt for the cheapest solutions. It is widespread but a very harmful tendency.

It is possible to replace only the touch screen glass of Nokia 6.1 Plus, and this is what every mechanic is doing in the local markets. Thet have bought a separator machine (Worth Rs 2000) to separate the display and touch screen glass. If they are successful in separating the display and touch screen glass, they will paste a new glass on display and repair your screen.

The glass used to replace the broken one is like 100 rupees, and mechanics charge around Rs 1500 for this. It is because they are saving a lot of money on glass replacement, and this is why they recommend that you replace the only glass.

They will try to convince you that by doing glass replacement, your display quality will remain the same, and since you have no idea of how this works, you will opt for this cheap solution. The main point you need to keep in mind is that only glass replacement means you are NOT buying anything new with your money, but you are just getting your old screen repaired anyhow.

Only glass replacement of Nokia 6.1 Plus degrades the screen quality, and lots of dust particles can easily make their way inside the display. You may observe yellow or white dots in random places on the screen, and the overall experience of using the phone will be much poor. Only glass replacement is also not as durable as glass is fragile. In a few days, It will break again with little or no pressure, and you are back to square.

It is why the official service center and other technicians doing quality work alway recommend Nokia 6.1 plus combo replacement. Combo replacement is fast, easy, flawless, and preserves 100% quality of your phone. The glass and other materials are 100% new and fresh, so in the long term, you can get outstanding value out of your phone.

Shipping, Return and Refund Policy

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