Redmi Note 4 Battery – BN43 100% Original Battery 4000 mAh

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Looking for Redmi Note 4 battery replacement? If you are tired of buying cheap batteries and looking for a 100% Original battery, keep reading further. The information provided here can be really very useful and informative to you. This information will help you base your purchase decisions and get the actual value of money you are spending.

This is 100% Original battery of Redmi Note 4 and the battery model is BN43. There are many types of batteries available in the market and 99% of them are very poor quality batteries with half capacity. This is because most customers are looking for cheap batteries and consider them to be original (Even when they have ZERO knowledge of batteries) and later repent that battery life is reduced. This is because those batteries come with 60% capacity of the original and 4000 mAh is just written on the battery while actual mAh is lower. This is the case of cheap batteries which are available locally.

Finding original batteries take time and we even test their mAh before shipment to verify actual battery capacity. Original batteries are always full cell while duplicate batteries are half cell thus reduced capacity. If you need a Original battery, you can buy it right here and its guaranteed original without any flaws.  Duplicate batteries are lesser in weight while original batteries weight more.  Here are few conditions when Redmi Note 4 battery replacement is necessary for you :

  1. Battery is draining very fast and showing random battery percentage every-time.
  2. Due to overnight charging or charging with duplicate chargers, battery is completely puffed up.
  3. Sometimes when disassembling the phone, battery is damaged because you tried to remove it incorrectly.
  4. Mechanic tried to remove battery during repairs but accidentally tweezers went inside the battery and battery burned
  5. Battery Flex cable is torn or connector is broken due to some reason.
  6. After using battery for more than a year, its capacity is reduced to a great extent.

Above are some reason which require you to buy a new Redmi Note 4 battery and there can be similar other reasons as well. After buying a new Original battery, simply connect it to your phone and everything will be back to normal. Please also make sure that you are using Original Charger because If you charge battery with a duplicate charger, It may not pass enough current in the battery. We have seen some cases when battery charged with original charger stays long while battery charged with duplicate charger drains very fast.

Product Details
  • 100% Brand New 4000 Mah Original Battery For Redmi Note 4.
  • 30 Days Replacement and Refund Guarantee.
  • Can Be Used to Replace a Damaged, Puffed Up battery.
  • Tested For Perfect Working Before Dispatch.
  • Comes with 30 Days Replacement warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Fresh Ready Stock With Same Day Fast Shipping.
  • Cash On Delivery Option Available.
  • Safe Packing in Bubble Wrap and Plastic Box.
High Quality Photos Of The Actual Product

These images show the actual product you’ll be getting after your order. This is Redmi Note 4 4000 mAh battery which is 100% Original and perfect replacement for your phone. Replacing a battery can often save you from lots of issues related to battery life.

Redmi Note 4 Battery

Redmi Note 4 Battery

Redmi Note 4 Battery

Redmi Note 4 Battery

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All the products supplied by us come with 30 days return, refund, and replacement guarantee. To return a product, It should be in the same condition as we sent. You can’t use or fix the items If you want to return. For complete details about Shipping and Returns, please click here.

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